The Princess of the Secret Blood



A young Princess escapes her castle in order to stop her mad father from starting a war he cannot win. In her quest for help, Leihm finds unexpected allies, enemies and love.

As she discovers the true nature of her stepmother, Leihm finds a secret that changes her life forever.

Will the young Princess defeat the evil Queen? 

Only the Gods know.”


Readers reviews: 

From Sarah Collingwood

Christian Meneses’ brings the kingdom of Thorn to life through the eyes of none other than its esteemed princess!

Princess of the Secret Blood  is a fantastic fantasy novel filled with mystery, adventure, and romance. Magic and wonder lurk around every corner as we follow Princess Leihm while she flees from her corrupted and hypnotized father. Starting out her journey to seek the aid of her uncle in Lohm, her only partner is her horse Motet. Along the way, her small band grows; nevertheless, she still has a long way to go and many secrets to unravel – about the world… and about herself.

The vibrant world of Thorn comes as a complete package filled with amazing and unique characters as well as a plot that will keep you on the edge of your reading chair. There aren’t any damsels in distress here! Only a Princess at full horse power packing a toy knife and a bow. Leihm’s spirit will draw you in straight from the first page as her willpower never bends, and her determination to save her land never falters.

Christian’s writing style is action packed and fast paced taking every reader along with Leihm on an adventure from Princess to Warrior. The description he uses to bring the pages to life is almost as magical as the world itself. His fanciful characters will have you grinning ear to ear, in terror for their safety, or laughing off the hook.

Princess of Thorn is like no other!

“If I was going to die, I’d die with a bow in my hands, on my own feet, like father had taught me.”


From other Beta-Readers:

“This is a great story!  you are doing well so far!” – a 37 female fantasy writer.

“The feedback is that the story is good. You managed to keep me interested all the way through the end.” – an anonymous beta reader from Goodreads.

“Keep doing this and you’ll have a solid book soon.” – A 59 writer from MA.



Current State

September 2016

Gathering beta readers to obtain feedback on changes.

August 2016

Rewriting the initial chapters. Applying the feedback given by Amanda.

Under a new round of beta reading.

July 2016

The first part of the novel was professionally edited and reviewed by Amanda  – Her feedback can be found here.



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